Tuscan Artwork City

Tuscan artwork – Hanging your artwork at the right height ensures that you get the best possible picture of art from all angles. The standard for most galleries and museums is to hang the art so that the center of the piece is 57 inches from the floor, which is at eye level for most […]

Dining Tuscan Wall Decor

Tuscan wall decor – The Tuscan style is based mainly on nature, since among the materials used are stone, iron, worn bricks and wooden furniture. These materials give that rustic and village touch that defines the constructions of this style. If you want to decorate the room in the Tuscan style , just follow the […]

Kitchen Tuscan Bar Stools

Tuscan bar stools – They say that its origin is recorded in 667a.c. during the Byzantium, which was later adopted by the Nordic peoples and from there spread to England and part of Europe. Surely more than once you wondered what should be the ideal height of a stool. The answer lies in the height […]

Tuscan Paintings Design

Tuscan paintings – Decorate your home with color and artwork is an easy way to make a big impact on your space. Wall Murals incorporate both color and artwork. As the murals tend to be big and eye-catching, to be sure what kind of mural design you choose. Also take into account the decor of […]

Beautiful Tuscan Dinnerware

Tuscan dinnerware – A tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad, bathed in olive oil, basil and pepper, will no doubt taste better on a dish that deserves such a delicacy. And it is that eating in a dish of crockery is not the same as doing it in a melamine. Sea bass will look even better […]

Antique Tuscan Fireplace

Tuscan fireplace – If you love the look of a beautiful fireplace screen but do not have a fireplace in your home, why not use a wall art ideas? This beautiful fireplace accessories as wall hangings to serve many of which can easily be customized in many styles are unique, no fireplace. Here are some […]

Tuscan Tile Art

Tuscan Tile – Tuscany design incorporates the colors, textures, and materials that are in your environment. This means natural stone products, terracotta and a palette of warm colors lightened by the blues and greens are in the center of a design of Tuscan cuisine. The back wall of the kitchen is the finishing touch of […]

Tuscan Wallpaper Cottage

Tuscan wallpaper – Making changes to your kitchen with wallpaper can be an easy way to update your space. Wallpaper available in various colors and designs. When considering your wallpaper selection, taking into account the design of your kitchen and home. Make sure you pick out the wallpaper that matches your appliances and do not […]

Awesome Tuscan Doors

Tuscan Doors Take You To Italy – Old door not doing it for you anymore? Is it not the right color for your newfound renovations? Is the paint faded from time? Has the door warped due to age? Or are you building a new home and want something fresh and different? Finding the right door […]

Amazing Tuscan House Plans

Simple Tuscan House Plans – Do you have the insatiable desire to live life to the fullest? Is enjoying the simple but significant pleasures of life the focus of your existence? Are you completely in thrall to the Italian culture of fun, furor and family? Then you need to consider Tuscan home plans rather earnestly. […]