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The ICOS 2014 Congress Proceedings are available for download either by volume or by individual paper. Presentations represented only by abstracts are included in the volumes but are not available for separate download.

Here, you will find the respective volumes in a pdf format:

Volume 1 – Keynote Lectures. Toponomastics I
Volume 2 – Toponomastics II
Volume 3 – Anthroponomastics
Volume 4 – Theory and Methodology. Socio-onomastics
Volume 5 – Literary Onomastics. Other Names. Commercial Names

Below, you will find a list of papers in all five volumes, with links to individual pdfs. You can also go directly to each of the different thematic sections of the Congress via the clickable links in the ‘Thematic Section’ contents unit.

‘Names and Their Environment’
Proceedings of the 25th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences
Glasgow, 25-29 August 2014

Volumes 1-5

Edited by
Carole Hough
Daria Izdebska

University of Glasgow
Glasgow 2016

ISBN 10: 0-85261-947-2
(for a set of five volumes)
ISBN 13: 978-0-85261-947-6

The articles in this publication are © 2016 with the individual authors.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Hough, Carole and Daria Izdebska (United Kingdom)


Taylor, Simon (United Kingdom)
Charting a Course Through the Scottish Namescape

Coates, Richard (United Kingdom)
The Family Names of the United Kingdom (FaNUK) Project: Retrospect and Prospect

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Ahrens, Wolfgang P. (Canada)
Naming the Bahamas Islands: History and Folk Etymology

Alas, Marit (Estonia)
The Changes in Place Names on the Northern Coast of Estonia

Arcamone, Maria Giovanna (Italy)
Langobard and Anglo-Saxon Place Names: A Comparison

Balode, Laimute (Latvia/Finland)
Unofficial Urbanonyms of Latvia: Tendencies of Derivation

Bichlmeier, Harald (Deutschland)
Zur Widerspiegelung naturräumlicher Gegebenheiten in ‘alteuropäischen’ Hydronymen – Neubewertungen althergebrachter Etymologien (Moderne Indogermanistik vs. traditionelle Namenkunde, Teil 5)

Billy, Pierre-Henri (France)
Les noms de lieux gallo-romains dans leur environnement

Bölcskei, Andrea (Hungary)
Changes of Toponyms Reflecting Ecclesiastical Possession in Medieval Hungary

Burns, Alison, Carole Hough and David Simmons (United Kingdom)
An Experiment in Public Engagement with the Cognitive Toponymy Project

Cekula, Zane (Latvia)
Place Names and Identity: Place Names of Northern and Southern Latgale Reflecting Vegetation

Dimitrova-Todorova, Liljana (Bulgarien)
Toponyme Slawischer Herkunft in Bulgarien

Falck-Kjällquist, Birgit (Sweden)
The Fjord Name Gullmarn: The Place and Its Environment

Gasque, Thomas J. (United States of America)
The Effect of the Great War on U.S. Place Names

González Rodríguez, Alberto (Spain)
El Muelle del Cay of Santander City (Spain) and the Two Big European Maritime Traditions in the Late Middle and Modern Ages. A Lexicological Study about the Words Cay and Muelle.

Harvalík, Milan (The Czech Republic)
The Types of Czech Exonyms and Incorporating Foreign Geographical Names into Czech

Hofmann, Philippe (Schweiz)
Den Wüstungen auf der Spur – Onomastische Beiträge zur Besiedlungsgeschichte des Oberen Baselbiets

Issers, Oxana (Russia)
Key Place Names of the Russian Opposition Discourse

Jansone, Ilga (Latvia)
Ethnonyms in Toponyms of the 17th-19th Century Vidzeme (Latvia)

Jordan, Peter (Austria)
Place Names as an Expression of Human Relations to Space

Kvašytė, Regina (Lithuania)
Proper Names as Signs of Lithuanianness in Canada

Laansalu, Tiina (Estonia)
Dry Rivers and Secret Rivers as Mappers of Karst Phenomena

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Laîné, Stéphane (France)
Les formes toponymiques dans quelques enquêtes réalisées en Normandie à la fin du XIIIe siècle

Lehtonen, Johanna, Kaija Mallat and Sami Suviranta (Finland)
Naming Metro Stations in Helsinki and Espoo, Finland

López-Leiva, César and Joan Tort-Donada (Spain)
Place Names as a Key to the Analysis of Human-Induced Changes in Natural Vegetation. A Case Study: The District of Els Ports in Valencia (Spain)

Retali-Medori, Stella, Maria Francescu Luneschi and Jean-Louis Santini (France)
La base de données toponymiques du CESIT Corsica

Mulle, Peter (Schweiz)
Die Verdumpfung von mittelhochdeutsch â aufgrund der Sammlung ‘Luzerner Namenbuch’

Pennifold, Emily (United Kingdom)
Wenglish? A Study of Borrowings in the Field Names of the English-Welsh Border Region

Puzey, Guy and Jani Vuolteenaho (United Kingdom / Finland)
Developing a Gramscian Approach to Toponymy

Rateau, Michel A. (France)
Extension of English Onomastics: The Case of the Anglo-French Province of Aquitaine During the Middle Ages and its Toponyms of English Origin

Reszegi, Katalin (Hungary)
Cognitive Description of Multilingual Toponym Pairs

Rübekeil, Ludwig (Schweiz)
Namenwechsel und Namenwandel in der Nordsee

Salaberri Zaratiegi, Patxi (Spain)
Anthroponyms in Basque Toponymy

Sandnes, Berit (Sweden)
Linguistically Mixed Names

Sandst, Line (Denmark)
The Onomastic Landscape of Copenhagen – Meaning Formation, Rewriting History and Onomastic Scale Reduction

Sauvant, Michel (France)
Il était une fois des toponymes environnementaux qui masquaient bien leurs origines érudites

Sokolova, Tatiana (Russia)
Topical Issues of Namegiving in New Moscow

Štěpán, Pavel (The Czech Republic)
Emotional Expressivity in Czech Toponymy

Vikstrand, Per (Sweden)
Place Names and Viking Age Religion

Wahlberg, Mats (Sweden)
Place Names – A Place for Cats?

Wolny, Matthias (Deutschland)
Die Kommodifizierung der urbanen Toponymie in Turin. Der Fall des Juventus Stadium

Zschieschang, Christian (Deutschland)
Merseburg. Zur ‘Bedeutung’ des Namens

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Balodis, Pauls (Latvia)
Latvian Surnames Motivated by Profession

Bichlmeier, Harald (Deutschland)
Zum Anteil der Familiennamen slawischer Herkunft im deutschen Familiennamenschatz

Brylla, Eva (Sweden)
A New Personal Names Act in Sweden?

Corino Rovano, Silvia (Italy)
One Knight, Several Names

Demsky, Aaron (Israel)
New Hebrew Names in the Second Temple Period: A By-Product of Biblical Exegesis

Farkas, Tamás (Hungary)
The Typology of Changes in the History of Hungarian Surnames

Felecan, Oliviu (Romania)
A Psycholinguistic Approach to Nicknaming (With Reference to Nicknames Given by Students to Teachers)

Grassi, Giulia Francesca (Germany)
Some Remarks on the Anthroponymy of Dura Europos (and on the Name of the City)

Hohensinner, Karl and Bertold Wöss (Österreich)
’Vor lauter Bäumen …’ – Die unbekannten -inger

Jiménez Segura, Selene (Mexico)
Male and Female First Name Attribution Regarding Family Heritage, Catholic Calendar Influence, and Fashion in Tlalnepantla de Baz, Estado de México (México)

Joalaid, Marje (Estonia)
Balto-Finnic Personal Name Systems

Jordà, Joan Pau, Joana Maria Pujadas-Mora and Anna Cabré (Spain)
Surnames and Migrations: The Barcelona Area (1451-1900)

Kallio, Maija (Finland)
Finnish Female Name Pattern with the Suffix -iina

Kałużyńska, Irena (Poland)
Names of Chinese Singsong Girls (up to the End of the 19th Century)

López Franco, Yolanda Guillermina (Mexique)
Prénoms peu usités à Montpellier, France, de 1960 à 1985. Une étude socioanthroponymique

Martin, Marcienne (France)
De la construction plurielle de l’anthroponyme à travers repérage et créativité

Mutsukawa, Masahiko (Japan)
On Japanese Unisex Names

Nedrelid, Gudlaug (Norwegen)
Patronymika als Familiennamen im Jahre 1801

Rettig, Irene (Schweiz)
Die Grabinschrift des Thoctebadus. Ein germanischer Personenname in romanischem Umfeld

Shokhenmayer, Evgeny (Germany)
Comparative Study of the 100 Most Frequent Russian, French, German and British Surnames

Siliņa-Piņķe, Renāte (Lettland)
Von Hindrik zu Indulis: mittelniederdeutsche Spuren in heutigen lettischen Vornamen

Slíz, Mariann (Hungary)
Personal Names Originating from Literature or Motion Picture in the Hungarian Name Stock – A Historical Survey

Sundström, Agneta (Sweden)
Ingevald Panka and Kalle Braxen. Bynames in Medieval Arboga and Modern Sigtuna

Tsepkova, Anna (Russia)
Nicknames: Offline and Online Secondary Nicknaming Contexts

Zabalza-Seguín, Ana (Spain)
One Kingdom, Two Languages. Anthroponomastics in Early Modern Navarre

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Bušs, Ojārs (Latvia)
Some Theoretical Aspects of the Translation of Proper Names

Edwards, Tara (United States of America)
Planning a Reverse Thematic Dictionary

Felecan, Daiana and Alina Bugheșiu (Romania)
Anthroponyms in Taboo Discourse: The Case of Romanian Swear Phrases

Hamilton, Rachael, Ellen Bramwell and Carole Hough (United Kingdom)
Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus: A New Resource for Investigating Metaphor in Names

Havlík, Martin (The Czech Republic)
Can Czechs Read Polish Names? Problems with the Adaptation of Foreign Anthroponyms and Toponyms

Helleland, Botolv (Norway)
The Great Onomastic Divide in Norway: The Standardizing Problem of Settlement (Farm) Names after 400 Years of Danish Influence

Jílková, Lucie (The Czech Republic)
Pronunciation of Hungarian Proper Names in Czech

Karpenko, Olena (Ukraine)
Cognitive Onomastics

Leino, Antti (Finland)
Heraldry as a Name System

Luneschi, Francescu Maria (France)
La dénomination des chèvres en corse : du nom commun au nom propre

Majewska, Ewa (Polen)
Eponyme in der deutschsprachigen medizinischen Fachpresse

Nanetti, Andrea, Francesco Perono Cacciafoco and Mario Giberti (Singapore / Italy)
Mapping and Visualizing Linguistic and Territorial Convergent Data: Imola and Its Environment as a Case Study

Rangel Vicente, Montserrat (Espagne / France)
Pour une structuration prototypique de la catégorie nom propre en français

Rapa, Sanda (Latvia)
Some Semantic Universals in Latvian Toponymy

Rodríguez, Gabriele and Aliye Mehrebani-Yasyba (Germany)
A Dictionary of Turkic Names in Germany and Austria: A Book Project

Rsaliyeva, Nursaule and Kyzdarkhan Rysbergen (Kazakhstan)
Onomastic Space of Kazakhstan: Current Condition and Problems

Rutkiewicz-Hanczewska, Małgorzata (Poland)
Semantics of Proper Names. The Structure of the Mental Lexicon of Proper Names

Štěpánová, Veronika (The Czech Republic)
How Should These Names Be Pronounced? Specific Phonetic Features of Proper Names in Czech

Todman, Amy and Leonie M. Dunlop (United Kingdom)
Contemporary and Antiquarian Views as Evidence for Toponymic Research: A Comparative Study of the Bass Rock and Greendykes Bing

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Aleksiejuk, Katarzyna (United Kingdom)
Usernames and Identity Construction on RuNet as Seen in the Example of the Posidelki (‘Gatherings’) Forum

Carsenat, Elian and Evgeny Shokhenmayer (France / Germany)
Onomastics to Measure Cultural Bias in Medical Research

Crook, Alice (United Kingdom)
An Overview of Personal Naming Practices in Scotland, 1680-1840

Frändén, Märit (Sweden)
Surnames in the Melting Pot: Presentation of a Project on Surnames and Immigration

Mori, Olga (Germany)
For or Against Renaming Hindenburgplatz in Münster, Germany

Nair, Gwyneth and Jennifer Scherr (United Kingdom)
What Were Women Really Called? Pet Forms of Female Names in English Parish Registers, 1540-1800

Nakari, Minna (Finland)
Variation in Women’s Name Phrases in Official Documents in Helsinki 1780-1930

Rajasuu, Riitta (Finnland)
Die Verbreitung der Mehrnamigkeit in Finnland in den Jahren 1725-1744 und 1825-1844

Særheim, Inge (Norway)
Place Names in Oral Tradition: Sources of Local Language and Cultural History

Sjöblom, Paula, Ulla Hakala and Satu-Päivi Kantola (Finland)
Municipality Names in Consolidations: What Happens to Place Branding?

Sofinska, Iryna (Ukraine)
Application of Names in Ukraine: A Modern Discourse Towards European Integration

Walkowiak, Justyna B. (Poland)
Lithuanisation of Personal Names of the Polish Minority in Lithuania

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Barry, Herbert III (United States of America)
Names of Fictional Characters by Three Alcoholic Novelists

Bianco, Francesco (La République tchèque)
Quelques remarques sur l’anthroponymie dans le récit d’Amélie Nothomb

Butler, James (United Kingdom)
New Digital Worlds to Explore: The Onomastic Styling of Procedural and Open-World Videogames

Giuntoli, Giacomo (Italy)
Tiziano Scarpa is Milena Fiotti: A True Story

Lillian, Donna L. (United States of America)
Granny Names in The Ozark Trilogy

Smith, Grant (United States of America)
Names and References in Midsummer Night’s Dream

van Dalen-Oskam, Karina and Jesse de Does (The Netherlands)
Namescape: or How to Deal with Noise

Vitali, Giovanni Pietro (France)
L’autre néoréalisme dans la nominatio de Pavese, Fenoglio et Vittorini

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Bergien, Angelika (Germany)
Pet Names as Seismographic Instruments in a Changing Society

Bergmann, Hubert (Österreich)
Häuserlitaneien – ein Phänomen an der Schnittstelle von Onomastik und Ethnologie

Ivashina, Natalia and Alena Rudenka (Belarus)
Names of Stars and Constellations in the Slavic and Germanic Languages

Leibring, Katharina (Sweden)
Names of Companion Animals: Rovers in the Onomasticon?

Reinsma, Riemer (The Netherlands)
Carnival Place Nicknames Alluding to Those of a Neighboring Town: Strienestad, Strienedurpke and the Like

Schybergson, Anita (Finland)
Cognitive Systems in the Naming of Finnish Ships

Tan, Peter K.W. (Singapore)
The Limits of Commemorative Naming: A Consideration through Cases of Name Change for University Buildings

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Fetzer, This Michel (Switzerland)
Why the Eiger Became a Sports Outfitter and the Jungfrau (‘Virgin’) a Brewery, While the Mönch (‘Monk’) Remained Disregarded: On the Use of Mountain Names as Company Names

Spitzner, Ingrid (Germany)
Names and Sustainability: How do Company Names Reflect Sustainability?

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